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Did you know? Succeeding at math can be exhilarating, confidence-boosting and fun!

Brought to you by the creators of award-winning TVOkids, and trusted by Ontario educators for use in K-6 classrooms, TVO mPower is now available to play at home.

Unleash your child’s math power with TVO mPower!

By the creators of TVOkids


Our 65+ free online games support the mastery of tough-to-learn math concepts, spotlight Ontario towns and professions in compelling ways, and bolster understanding of STEM and the social sciences.
TVO mPower promotes math learning inside and outside the classroom to ignite potential.

Reflects the Ontario curriculum

Reflects the Ontario curriculum

Free for Ontarians

Free for Ontarians

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Tracks student in-class progress 

Safe and advertising-free

Safe and advertising-free

Ontario educators have trusted TVO mPower to help build K-6 math skills since 2016, and we know you will, too! Curious to learn more?

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Explore some of our games


Find missing objects at the park with help from a few friends! Is the water bottle under the bridge? Use the positional language in the clues to locate the objects.

Skill: Spatial Reasoning


Bundle up, Geo Adventurer! Identify and sort shapes for the hungry polar bear and the hopping arctic hare. Create shapes on the geoboard for the snuffling caribou.

Skills: Shapes, Sorting, Spatial Reasoning



Join the photo expedition! Pack supplies, deliver cargo, and snap photos. Represent, compare and order fractions to have your photographs featured in publications!

Skills: Equality, Number, Sorting, Spatial Reasoning


Design, build, and test a flying drone in this STEM design challenge. Use your piloting skills and the properties of flight to deliver goods and supplies to remote locations.

Skills: Equality, Spatial Reasoning, STEM

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Teachers and parents across Ontario delight in knowing that TVO mPower games build positive attitudes towards math. With practice, students activate their K-6 math skills, learn about the world around them, and have tons of fun!

“Students have choice and voice in their learning activities, actively constructing their own knowledge through game play."

Melanie, Educator

I love that the games connects directly to the topics that my daughter talks about learning in the classroom. The website is colorful and engaging and keeps my daughter entertained. It makes me happy because I know she's learning!

Tara - Parent

“I love mPower. I want to play it all the time. I have so many people to help and places to travel in my world. I love everything about it!”

Lily - Grade 3

Did you know? TVO mPower was the recipient of the 2017 Serious Play Award for outstanding educational student games. Give our seriously fun games a try and help boost K-6 math skills!

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TVO mPower is available on desktops, laptops and iPads, and is supported by the following browsers:

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